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    How to download the Lego Life APP in China


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “How to download the Lego Life APP in China”
    1. 1. How to download and apply the Lego Life APP and Android System Search. 2. All upload content, including video and text comments, has been fully reviewed before being approved as a child safety mascot. Our children's digital security mascot can guide users through applications to ensure that they provide more secure and positive social media experience In order to ensure safety, children have completely anonymous personal information and usernames, and can use Avata creators to make their own accounts to verify fast and simple. It only needs to verify the child's account at one time to control the operations they can perform and unlock the children to unlock the children The complete LEGOLIFE experience, including the function of sharing multiple pictures or commentary on the lego post. 3. Lego Living Application can be downloaded for free. It is suitable for children 5 years and above, but it seems that children aged 8-12 years old seem to be one of the age groups that like it the most. There are no third -party ads. Lego's marketing content and information, such as the Lego information about Lego suit and other Lego games, aims to encourage children to make creativity. This application contains options for enable/disable push notifications. The work notice is that when the user 1) is approved by our moderator and 2) When they receive praise and comments on their own creations, they are used to make a prompt to their imagination. Fun, inspiring people's hearts, great and tide stuff. Now it is all yours.

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