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    How to rules for Jingmen Mahjong Hongzhong to get rich?


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    1. Come to game chess and card-Jingmen Mahjong Hongzhong Fortune Rule

      Mahjong: Tube, Wan, Wan, Wind, a total of 136 cards.
      Dazes: After entering the first game, he was the village from Dongfeng. Huangzhuang continued to be Zhuang by the dealer.
      Laizi operation: Lai Zi is a universal card, which can be combined instead of any card and the card in the hand, but it cannot be combined with its cards to eat, touch, and bumper operation. In addition, Lai Zi can be independent as a bar, not to play. If there is a Lai Zi, if there is a Lai Zi, the largest brand type that Lai Zi can match is calculated. There can only be a Lai Zi at most, and there can be multiple Laizi in Dahu or the bar.
      The fixing bars: Red neutralization and fortune are fixed bars. There is no fixed bars in the hand when the card.
      Seroids: The remaining 7 pier cards start Haidilao. If there are bars in front of Haidilao, the number of Haidilao cards is less than 4, then there is no Haidilao.

      1. There is no one after Haidilao.
      2. When there is no sea of ​​land, no one has a card after playing a card.

      Hu card card type:

      fart Hu: 4 groups of card types are composed of Shun, engraved, and bar, and have a pair of cards.

      The clear one color: all consisting of the smooth, carving, and bar of the same flower color, and at the same time with any pair of the same color (no need to be right)

      , 5, 8 will compose without a combination.

      The wind: All consisting of wind (red in the red is not counted), no combination card type is required.

      The bumps: 4 groups of engraving or bars, add any pair of

      The people: eat, touch, bars 4 hands (the secret bar is not counted), and finally goes single alone. Hu Yizhang's card (the card in his hand is not Lai Zi), and other players play the card to form a point. (Use Lai Zi to hung the fart Hu)
      Seroidae Moon: When Haidilao, players have a card. If there are many people, the first players who perform Haidilao operations shall prevail.

      This Blossoms: During the bar, the card from the tail pier forms a card.

      This: When other players perform bars (must be a bright bar, that is, first touched this card, after at least once once eat/touch/bars/touch operation, then the card. The bar or the secret bar will not be grabbed).

      Hu card requirements:

      1. You must speak to the card (eat, touch)
      2. There is no fixed bars on your hand
      3. The scores of any other player's score reached 8 points before they can be a card. When catching, the player and themselves have added to 8 points to the card.
      4. The number of Laizi in the hand in the hand (the Lai Zi is not counted or the Lai Zi out of the bar) is maintained at most 1 (bars, grabbing, Haidilao month is not counted)
      5. Self -touching Hu
      6. Cutting: Others have a card to meet the requirements of the card but without Hu, but before they touch the card, other players can play the same card. many.

      Hu cards are calculated:
      1. Touch the three home from the family, fart and push the family out, and the Hu Fang rushed to the three houses
      2. When the hug brand type, calculate the following ways
      ● Clear a colorful touch of Hu, and the colorful bumps are unattended. n ● Qing Yicai touched Hu, and a colorful bumper Hu someone includes Hu: Baohu players produce 50 bag scores, other players calculate the scores of touching Hu
      ● Qing Yica, bumper Huquan Qiu people bags Hu: Players of the player produced 50 bags, and other players calculate based on a clear or bumper score
      ● Clear one -color bump Hu Quanqiu someone to include Hu: Players with 50 bag scores, bags clear a player player Except for 50 bags, other players calculate according to the bumper card type
      ● Clear one -color grabbing no one three -sentence bag: 50 pack players who are grabbed by the bun
      ● Three sentences of clearing a bumper. There are three sentences. Bag: Players who are grabbed by 50 packs of bearded scores, and the players of the bag are out of 50 packs

      Calculating points:
      1. 8 points are calculated at 10 points, 16 points are calculated at 20 points, and 20 points are calculated. 32 points are calculated at 30 points; 30 points are capped, all reached 30 points, and 50 points for gold.
      2. When a card card, if a player should score but does not reach 8 points, calculate
      n n Pack:
      1. If a color card type is used to produce a third sentence to produce a bumper, the player will be packed by the player. After the Hu card, the player directly loses by a gold top 50 points
      2. Grabbing the card: the bumper was grabbed by others during the bumper. Sub -
      3. All -beings -seeking cards: Putting all the types of people, whether they are listening to the card, they will be packed, and the gold top 50 points will be lost
      4. Without 8 points, you can also be a card

      brand scores:
      Basic scores: 1 point
      n red middle bars ---- x2
      Laizi bumper ---- x4
      bright bars ---- X2
      -------X2(赢家和输家均开口,称为口对口)rn大胡-----------X2(自摸或点炮者再X2)r n杠上开---------X2rn风一色---------直接金顶rn庄家不翻倍,屁胡自摸不翻倍,有暗The bar is not all begging.

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