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    How to solve the mobile phone by malicious attack


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “How to solve the mobile phone by malicious attack”
    1. The method of being resolved by the malicious attack of the mobile phone is as follows:
      1. The user must check which software in which software is a malicious advertisement in order to delete the malicious software to prevent the attack of the malicious website.
      2. When users are attacked by malicious websites, they must turn off in time, restart their mobile phones, and then install a safe and effective anti -virus software. The software in the opposite mobile phone conducts a comprehensive investigation and killing. Once a virus is found or a malicious website is found, the behavior is immediately implemented to prevent the mobile phone from being attacked by a malicious website in the future.
      3. Users are attacked by malicious websites, and they can be solved by flashing the mobile phone with incomplete killing of anti -virus software.
      mobile phone, full name of mobile phone or wireless phone, usually called mobile phones. It was originally just a communication tool. In the early days, there was a common name of the big brother. The Bell Laboratory of Bell Laboratory developed in 1940. In 1958, Soviet engineer Leonidd. Kopryevic inventing K1 mobile phone. In 1973, Motorola engineer Martin Kopa invention the world's first commercial mobile phone. So far, it has developed to the 5G era.
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