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    1. It not only strengthened entertainment, but also increased gameplay. It is mainly popular in Panzhihua and Panzhihua area. The age groups of the game are relatively wide, and all ages are available.

    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, the basic rules of Panzhihua Mahjong: Panzhihua Mahjong removes the characters and flowers, only the three -color card of the tens of thousands, tube, and strip. Continue to play cards until Sanjiahou or cards are caught. When listening to the card, you can sing, dance and dance, and check the call. Singing: Listening to the card. Once the player sings, unless he touches himself, or by other players, he will hit what you touch, and you can't change the call; dance: Once the player dances (also called the card), the player has called Under the circumstances, the cards that are called to see the other three. The other three, if they did not hear the card and did not dance, they could not play the cards of the dancing player.nRules of cards: 1) First of all, the person who is the card is the dealer in the lower market. The first one. 2) You can touch, bar bar, not to eat, and the cards after the bumper, and the card after the bars appear. 3) The losing point of the artillery has nothing to do with others. Self -touched cards, flowers on the bar, in addition to the players who have lost. 4) Check whether there are listening cards during the streaming bureau. Those who do not listen to the cards will lose the maximum points of the listener card (calculated according to the maximum number). 5) The last four cards must be a card when they can be able. 6) When playing cards, in the same lap, you cannot abandon the first. 7) There are three same cards on their hands. When the other players choose the player when the players choose to touch the card, the card cannot be bumper behind the card. 8) Doint bumper: Two times the bumper home gives the bumper. Barbar: The face of the face is bars, and the barbar family collects double the number of other unblied players. Stroke: The secret bar family collects 2 times the number of other unparalleled players. 9) Barbar bars: After the bar, you will immediately go up the bar, and the bars on the bar will be charged with several other points to double the basis (× 2).nPanzhi Mahjong Fan species: 1) Some (× 1): Pinghu, Sikan Parde plus a pair of generals. 2) Two (× 2): Big pair, that is, each card is three cards. Example: 2.222 million 111 tube 999 tank 66 tank; Card Heart 5, that is, listening to card 4 and 6, Shanhu 5. 3) Sanfan (× 4): Qingyue, that is, the full card is a kind of color; nine cards, that is, one or nine of each card is one or nine; for example: 123 articles of 1.23799999 million small seven pairs, that is, Hu, that is, Hu, that is, Hu, that is, Hu, that is, Hu, that is, Hu, that is, Hu, that is, Hu, that is, Hu, that is, Hu When the card is the seven pairs; the handle is one, that is, the cards in the hand are all touched, there is only one left, listening to the monotonous card. 4) Four Fan (× 8): The seven pairs of the dragon, that is, on the basis of the seven pairs, there are two pairs of cards the same; Qingda pair, that is, a large pair of color; , Five or Eighth's big pairs. Example: 2.22275588888 million 222 55 cylinders 5) Fan (× 16): Dragon and Phoenix pair, that is, on the basis of seven pairs, two two pairs of cards are the same; A colorful hand handle. 6) Difference: Singing: Add 1 Fan, Dancing: Add 2 Fan Dialing: Add 2 Fan Make: Add 4 Fan Sing and One Sing: Add 3 Barbar: When the card is a card, the bars are added to 1 time, grabbing the bars, grabbing Add 1 time, 1 cannon after the bar;nFour returns (the root of Chengdu Mahjong), each with a group of four groups of four returns (excluding bars) each in the full card, each group of Mingsi, one plus 1, one dark Four returns (not touched in your hand) add 2. Border Card Crane: The side card hanging is the just -added rules that Panzhihua Mahjong just flooded in the past two or three years. Players are not common, but they have received the respect of many players. Generally, a table player stipulates first, forced the side card crane or the side card crane or Without compulsory side card cranes, the side card crane actually includes four additional rules. For compulsory gameplay stipulates that there must be a lack of border cards when the card card is stipulated. If the game is not forced to play, it will be added when there is a card. ▼ The rules are: edge chapter: such as listening to the card 1 and 2, Hu 3 or listening to the card 8 or 9, Hu 7 card chapters: such as 8 in 2,234 in 3,789, or the cards on the hand are 350,000, Hu 40,000, belongs to the card chapter; hanging chapter: refers to the single hanging card. Absence: There are only two cards on the hand when Hu card. The above four types will cause an additional to the basics of basic species.nPanzhihua Mahjong is a popular mahjong in the Panzhihua area of ​​Sichuan. The core is the blood war mode. Many people can be Hu, sing, dance, check and play gameplay. It has strong entertainment and hot play. Singing and dancing is the biggest feature of Panzhihua Mahjong. The name is happy, but it is really thrilling to play it. Think about the kind of cards that you have long -been, you can't change the card after singing and dancing. The other party asked for a lot of money. Because he had sang and dancing, he had to call each other, and he had to pay for others, which was more painful. If you dance yourself, the call is very wide, and the time is appropriate. It is likely that the other three are not screaming at the end. This kind of happiness and pain can only be experienced by playing Panzhihua Mahjong. Once you learn to Panzhihua Mahjong, other mahjong feels weak. Panzhi Mahjong liquidated separately because of its bars and Hu cards. Although it is a blood war mode, it can cause the first of the first Hu to win, and the result of the lattice may not lose, so its entertainment is extremely strong.n3 morenBleak

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