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    "Vampire" how to say in English?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. VAMPIRE
      [væmpaɪə] beauty
      n. Vampire; [spine] blood -sucking bat n phrase
      vampire game vampire game; vampire game
      vampire vampire prosecutor nvampirer Vampire Chronicles; Vampire Biography; Vampire Biography; Vampire Chronicle
      Extension information

      Year (movie name); Dracolla (person name)
      dracula movie horror movies; cruel content; horrible movies; ; Dracolla Castle Picture; Vampire Castle
      operation Dracula Dracula fighter; Dracula Battle

      n1, They Dress up as ghosts, Witches or Dracula.
      ated as ghosts, witch or terrible vampires.
      2, in the Novel, Dracula Roams About in Daylight, Though His Strenge is weakened.
      In the novel, the vampire appeared in the daytime, although his strength was weak at this time.
      3, The Novel ItSelf is an, writen entirely in letters by its business of, though dracula his revealed only through the of other.
      Vampire itself can only be displayed through other people.

    2. vampire [vɪəmpaɪə]
      1. Vampire (the ghosts who came out of the grave from the grave at night in superstition)
      2. n3. See the man's slut; the actress who plays the slut
      4. Animals (especially leech, mosquito), vampire

      2. Vampire, parasite; high -profile loan; extorters; exploiters
      hope to help you, (*^__^* Cure

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